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Future Home Wish List, Part One *

In two years time, Mike and I are going to start looking to sell the flat and buy a house. This is super adult and it may seem so long away but I’m already planning things to pop on my home checklist for when we are looking.

One of the things that is quite high on my list is having a toilet downstairs, whether this is already there, or one we can convert a room into, I’m not too fussed!

My main reason for this is when you have guests over they don’t have to traipse upstairs to use your loo.  I’m quite personal about my bedroom and own bathroom, I blame this on being an only child with an en suite!

Having a bathroom downstairs also means when people come over for dinner they can keep their shoes on, as I’m warming to the idea of no shoes upstairs as it’s a place to sleep and relax. Slippers only!

If all goes to plan, we’d love to have a spare bedroom where people can stay if they come over dinner and they can use the bathroom downstairs too!

Another good reason is to have an accessible bathroom for grandparents or older guests. My grandparents are pretty pro at dog sitting; my parents dogs are besotted by them! And in our life plan there’s a good few puppies so having an easy access bathroom would mean nan and grandad could move in when we go on holiday so we know they pups are well looked after. I’d say this goes for if our plans change and we decide to have children!

Accessible bathrooms have certainly come on a long way and are actually really keeping up with interior trends. There are so many options too; do you get a walk-in bath, or do you get a slightly larger shower with a seat? Do you go for a total wet room as these can look really quite quirky with some great tiles?

Doing something like this when we move in would mean we wouldn’t need to make changes to the house as we grow older there too. I don’t plan on moving to many times you see, I’m a bit of a hoarder so it’d be far too much effort keep moving all of my stuff.

I’ve got a picture of what I’d like in my head, and to be honest it’s a little bit similar to what I currently have in the flat. I’m a huge fan of blue and white bathrooms! I think I may have got this from my parents as their family bathroom is navy and white… or maybe it’s my sneaky way of having a Totteham Hotspurs coloured room whilst living with an Arsenal supporter! I’ll let you decide that one!

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