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Getting my Oven Totally Spotless with Fantastic Services *

There’s one job around the flat that I never wanted to do. There’s also one job around the flat that Mike never wanted to do. That’s cleaning our oven.

It was pretty grim. Mike’s lived at the flat for over four years now so you can imagine how that looked not being cleaned. I mean, we only use the bottom oven a few times a month as I tend to cook on the hob as we do quick meals like stir-fry, pasta, steak and even when I make potatoes I part boil them then fry them in a little fry-lite with paprika and garlic on the hob.

We rarely have the likes of chips, pizzas and oven food so it could of been a whole lot worse, but one day I’d had enough.

I thought, by the time I’d gone out and bought all the cleaning products and taken time out of my freelance schedule, I thought I would rather get a professional in. They would be far quicker than I would and do a far better job.

I put out a tweet to see where I could get a one-off oven clean as it just had to be done ASAP! Then the lovely Leigh recommended Fantastic Services. I then received an email from the lovely team and an oven clean was booked.

Fantastic Services started back in 2009, when a meeting of two like-minded individual Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov occured. Rune needed a cleaner and Anton ran a cleaning business; a match made in heaven!

They very quickly realised that they shared a vision and could deliver home services in a much better way by working together. They then went to on form Fantastic Services are the founders!

In short, Fantastic Services is your one-stop shop for a range of over 25 professional home cleaning and maintenance services, that are provided within London and around the rest of the UK. They will supply and use high-grade equipment that is inaccessible to everyday households, so that proves my point of my not doing it myself, right? They used dedicated service specialists that always go the extra mile to turn your home or office into the cleanest it’s ever been!

Roll around to our oven cleaning date and I was dead excited to finally have a clean over. I felt like a real adult.

The lovely cleaner from Fantastic Services arrived bang on time, in his Technician of the Month polo shirt and I had high expectations!

Well, those expectations were all met. Within an hour and a half, my over was spotless. Like, seriously spotless. I was spoken through all of the levels of cleaning which were far deeper than I would have gone.

Our oven door was removed, the glass was taken out, and every nook and cranny was cleaned. The rails were left in soak and I’m sure they were never that sparkly, ever!

I am so happy with how amazingly clean my over was and how great the cleaner was. I sometimes worry about letting strangers into my home but there were no worries here! I’d highly recommend Fantastic Services for any cleaning you need!

If you do want to use Fantastic Servies, use the code SquibbVicious for £20 OFF your first booking. Minimum charges apply. Not applicable to Regular Domestic Cleaning, Christmas and Trusted Partners services. Cannot be combined with other deals and discounts. The promo code can be used only once per client. Subject to availability and coverage.



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