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The Best Technology over the Past Twenty Years

Technology has gone crazy; I often feel like I can’t keep up myself. Since getting my first mobile phone just under twenty years ago, technology has come on with such leaps and bounds that ten years old me with her Nokia 5110 and Tigger phone case would never have imagined that at almost thirty years old I could work from home on her sofa with a fancy laptop and upload photos I’d taken on my mobile to social media right there and then.

It got me thinking, when Ebuyer, who are currently celebrating their 20th Anniversary, asked me what proper standout developments for me in technology three had been, so I want to share my thoughts with you!

The Smart Phone

As mentioned, I never would have expected mobile phone technology to have grown so rapidly. I distinctly remember my dad asking me when upgrading my phone, probably close to fifteen years ago, ‘Do you want a phone with a camera in?’ and I said ‘No thanks, that will never catch on!’ My oh my, how wrong was I?! I regretted that decision until my next upgrade!

Now, look at how we use phones; I can pretty much run my business from it.  I can answer emails, I can take photos, I can post straight to social media, I can write and post blog articles, I can edit photos on Lightroom and of course, I can answer phone calls!


Photography equipment has also advanced so much. Over the past fourteen years, since I got my first camera, the amount of megapixels each camera has now is unreal. Being able to shoot in Full HD from a handheld camera that’s easily affordable is crazy as I had always expected that style of shooting to be saved for the likes of the BBC and National Geographic channel!

We are lucky enough to own such incredible cameras and camera kit that I never could have dreamt of when I took my first photos on my parent’s point and click camera on a beach in Hawaii in 2006. The photography buzz still hasn’t left me!


Did laptops even exist twenty years ago?! I can’t imagine life without laptops now. There are so many on the market but sites like Ebuyer offer such good deals that it’s easy to keep on top of technology and get the right laptop for you.

I love being able to take my laptop to the sofa, to my desk and to the kitchen when cooking new recipes. I love that I can just pop it in my backpack and work with clients. I love that I can also wander down to the local coffee shop and have some time away from being at home a lot of the time. They really have changed the way I and many other people work.


Drones always seem to be in the media for bad things, but they have become so handy over the past few years since being readily available on the market. They are used for detecting water and gas leaks, for surveyors to inspect roofing without putting anyone in danger, and for people like us, they have really helped us to up our video making game! If we can continue to use drones for good, I think they are such an incredible advance in technology.

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