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Picture Perfect: Living Room Design Tips

There always comes a time when we want to upgrade and change out home for the better, and when that time comes, it can be pretty exciting. It’s always great to be able to pick out a new colour scheme and style for our home, and the living room is the heart and soul fo the home and is perhaps the most fun of all to decorate. Today we are going to have a little look through different tips you can implement into your living room redesign this year.

Hang a photo or two

No matter what colour scheme or style you opt for in your home, the living room is the ideal place to showcase the things and the people you love. One of the best ways to use up a large blank wall space is to hang a photograph of a scene you love or even a photograph of your family or pets. You can even hire a photographer like Bryce Noone Photography to take some stunning shots for you and this will provide your home with totally unique and stunning prints.


Open it up

Once the winter has passed and we no longer feel the need to hibernate in our homes for days on end, it is time to open yourself up to the world. The best way you can open up your living room can be to replace the windows with larger ones, and to even swap out chunky curtains for sleek plastic blinds instead. Once you open up the space it will become brighter, lighter and it will feel very spacious.

Layer textures

When redesigning the living room for the better, it can be hard to figure out how those interior design magazines and websites make it look so great. One of the biggest tricks which can be used to make a stunning living room design is to layer different textures on top of each other. For example, if you wanted to layer a wooden floor, then a plush rug, then a marble coffee table and a leather couch… it will look stunning and it brings a whole wealth of depth to your design. By using similar tones and colours with contrasting textures you can nail that chic minimalism in no time.

Add some green

Plants can be the ideal accessory to add to any room because they will add some texture, life, and they will also make the room feel alive. Adding a small plant such as an aloe vera to your shelf or a large snake plant in the corner of a room can add that finishing touch which just sets off the whole design and makes it feel professional.

Keep it simple

Whatever you do stay simple. Stick to 2-3 colours in the room if you can, don’t overcrowd the shelves and try to hide cables in a tidy place. There are many ways to create a stunning home design without creating clutter in the home and it really will make all the difference to your living room in the long term!

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