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The Best Presents for an Eco-Warrior *

*This is a collaborative post.

The environment is a big deal. And given that more and more of us are becoming environmentally aware (or even going vegan), the chances are strong that you’ll know someone who qualifies as an ‘eco-warrior’.

This is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and while it doesn’t really have a fixed meaning, we all know the sort of person it refers to: someone who’s fridge is full of soy milk, who keeps an allotment, and whose lifestyle, in general, makes you feel a little bit guilty.

Naturally, shopping for this person is a bit of a minefield. If you buy the wrong thing, it might end up not being used. Worse yet, you could be unwittingly contributing to some environmental calamity – which is sure to rub them up the wrong way, even if they keep quiet about it.

But don’t worry – there are still some pretty safe options available, and you can ship your gift to just about anywhere in the world thanks to courier services like Parcel2Go, so you won’t have to rely on traditional snail-mail.

Bamboo Lunchboxes

Bamboo is among the world’s most sustainable crops. It grows quickly and needs no fertiliser. It doesn’t even need to be replanted after being harvested. While most production takes place in China, where production methods aren’t given much scrutiny, it still compares favourably to other forms of timber, as well as metals and plastics. It’ll also look the part, too.

You can get lots of common items made from bamboo, including desk-organisers, breadbins and fruit baskets. If you’re shopping for someone who makes their own lunches, then picking up a bamboo lunchbox is almost always a winner.

Drinking Straws

We all know that plastic drinking straws are on the way out. But the paper variety doesn’t make for memorable gifts, as they’re disposable. A better alternative is to go for a reusable set of straws – made either from glass or metal. Check that the straw you’re considering is dishwasher safe, or buy a set of pipe-cleaners to go with them.

Reusable Razors

Disposable Razors are a bit of an environmental blight. We get through billions of them each year, and they all find their way to a landfill. Anything that can be done to reduce this problem, therefore, is surely to be welcomed. So, if you’re shopping for a shaver who aspires to be a true eco-warrior, then there can be few more appropriate gifts than a proper safety razor. It’ll take a little bit of getting used to before they’re able to wield it effectively, but they’ll get better shaves and a cleaner conscience once the technique is mastered.

Beauty Products

The beauty industry has been quick to get ‘woke’ where the environment is concerned. Walk into your average branch of Boots and you’ll be confronted with plenty of vegan-friendly options. Soaps, body-butters and other bathroom niceties can be bought in convenient sets, as can environmentally-sound makeup kits. Pick something that matches their style, and you can’t go far wrong.

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