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How To Treat Yourself Like You’re The Boss *

*This is a collaborative post.

We can all do with a little bit of reinforcement and encouragement from time to time. Some people chase different social situations in life to make themselves feel that way, from becoming dependent on relationships to falling in love with their celebrity, we often see hubris play out in the wider world, and pride often comes before a fall.

That said, what’s so bad about feeling self-confident? It’s easy to look down on people who aren’t at odds with themselves because it can remind us of the work we might have to do to get there. That isn’t to say that being self-confident and arrogant aren’t closely linked; it’s very easy to fall from one into the other.

So – is there a balance to be found? Is there a means by which you can feel confident without having to lord it over other people? And moreover, how can we increase our confidence, something we may have struggled with in the past, in the healthiest manner possible? In other words, how can you treat yourself like you’re the boss?

Let’s consider:

Keep Promises To Yourself

Keeping promises to yourself shows that the promises you make are worth it. This gives you the sense of being accountable to yourself, which means you won’t make dates or appointments without thinking about them, and you’ll be in fewer situations where you have to ‘flake’ or let others down, too. Keeping promises to yourself may simply mean doing your best to go to bed at a good time each night and put your phone away from arm’s reach, disciplining yourself not to look at your screen unless the phone rings. There’s an inner power you gain when you know you can trust yourself – don’t discount this potential.

Treat Yourself From Time To Time

Treating yourself is important from time to time, perhaps to something small like a nice meal out, perhaps something significant like a loose diamond selection and an investment on those grounds. Treating yourself allows you to not only celebrate your recent actions, but to reward yourself for earning said treat, or moving forward and trying your best. It can help you confirm that you’re worth spending on from time to time, and it also helps you feel more optimistic knowing that when you deserve it, you can enjoy a product you enjoy. That really does make a positive difference.

Don’t Talk Negatively About Yourself

Mind your self-talk and how you talk to people about who you are. It can be nice to stay humble, and that’s actually quite important if you hope to relate to people, but don’t disparage yourself unless in good humour with someone you trust. It’s very easy to throw your past self out as someone who didn’t know what they were doing, and that might even be true, but allowing yourself to be seen as lesser, even in your own mind’s eye, can spoil your self-regard in some ways. Don’t be afraid to accept that you might be a better person than you give yourself credit for – and then do all you can to get to really fulfil that image.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily treat yourself like you’re the boss.

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