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Qualities every Close Protection Officer Must Have *

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A close protection officer must protect you and your property in every situation. They should have a top priority to protect you even in adverse conditions. Hence, you need to ensure that you find the right person for this important critical and responsible role.

The following guide provides the characteristics a close protection security officer must have to provide effective protection to you.

Proper Training and Experience

A close protection officer or a bodyguard needs to be physically and mentally fit and have extensive experience in military or law enforcement role. They should have the necessary expertise to keep you and your property safe from every threat that can occur. They should constantly observe, detect, and able to physically intervene when required.

The close protection officer should have rigorous training in patrol of grounds, control of vehicles, and accesses. They should be able to quickly respond to emergencies, move and remove properties and manage any disturbing situations that arise abruptly.

Situational Awareness

The behaviours of the persons planning to attack always differ from person to person. To foresee any threat, the protection officer must be always looking out for suspicious behaviour, facial expressions, body language that shows mental distress.

They should always look out for potential problems through 360-degree surveillance. They should be highly alert and aware of the situation around you. They should trust their instincts and vacate you to a safe place in case of any emergency.

Think and React Quickly

At the time of emergency and serious moments, a close protection operative needs to sense and judge the slightest signs of any danger. They should think and react very quickly to make the right decision and outwit any deception to provide the best protection to you.

Physically Fit

Your close protection bodyguard needs to be physically fit with sound health. They are required to make swift movements, physical contacts, defend every strenuous encounter. Their fitness level must at least meet the requirements of the job at hand.

Communication Skills

Good interpersonal communications help a close security officer to carry out their duties effectively. It is required to clearly communicate, understand what is said to them, report the challenges to provide the needed protection.

Work without Supervision

A close protection officer must be able to work without any supervision and direct their behaviours and actions. They should ensure their own morale, productivity to provide flawless protection to you.

Ability to drive

All close protection operatives need to have a valid driving licence. They need not move any person from one place to another. But driving is necessary as a defensive skill to drive you to save location when the situation demands. In the UK, these protection officers also need to have a valid SIA badge/licence.

Ability to handle a firearm

At times, it is required to carry a firearm for additional protection. Hence, prior experience in the firearm is highly helpful for strengthening the protection for the close protection officer.

Honest and integrity

The roles and responsibilities of the close protection officer must be carried out with integrity and honesty. They should be committed and honest about their responsibilities to do the right thing to ensure the best protection.

Reliable and trustworthy

Close protection officers should always be available when required. They should be dependable on whom you trust to protect you. Protection officers with a lack of dependability and trustworthiness can never provide reliable protection to you.


It is critical for the role of a close protection officer to have a feeling of superiority and self-confidence. Without any arrogance, they should be confident enough to have complete knowledge about doing everything possible to protect you.

Apart from the above basics qualities, close protection officer needs to display a common sense and enthusiasm in their roles. They should be able to work individually and as a team. They should never violate any important rules and regulations and always be on alert to keep safe and provide a high level of protection.

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    Good read!
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