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How To Give Clothes As A Gift *

*Collaborative Post.

Clothes are a necessity for everyone, and if you take the time to select the perfect item, you will be appreciated as a kind gift giver. So, is there really any way that anything could go wrong here? Surely a gift of clothing is always appreciated.

To tell the truth, it’s not always the best plan and might even cause problems. Issues of sizing, wearability, and personal preference all come into play. Keeping all that in mind, here are some pointers for successfully gifting an article of clothing if that’s what you really want to do. 

Don’t Try To Change Their Style 

You might not have the same style or like the same colours as the person you’re buying for. That’s perfectly fine; you’re buying for them, not you. And that’s why it’s important to take your recipient’s style into account and don’t try to give them something that, as much as you love it, they’re just not going to wear.  

Giving a gift is also not a good time to try to intentionally change their style. People prefer gifts that show the person given them understands who they are and what they like, and trying to get them to change or at least try something new, no matter how well-intentioned, may not go down very well at all. It could hurt your recipient’s feelings at the very least, and it certainly won’t be appreciated.  

Give The Basics 

Everyone has their own style, and if you don’t know what your friend or family member likes, it can be hard to choose a gift for them. In that case, you can choose basic, classic clothes that everyone needs and that people can wear however they want, depending on their tastes.

Some of these basics could be great men’s suits, plain white (or one colour) t-shirts, black socks, dark workout pants, etc. These things can go with anything and can be used in any way, so they are sure to be a much-loved gift. 

Look Through Their Wardrobe 

If you can’t talk to someone about their clothes because you don’t know what to ask or you don’t want to give anything away, a simple way to figure out their style is to look through their clothes. Keep an eye on the clothes’ colour scheme, labels, and condition. Take a look in the closet at the shapes and fabrics.

Social media is a great way to figure out someone’s style if you don’t live with them. What are the pieces they wear most often? What brand names do they tag? Take a good look at all their photos and see if you can spot any trends that will help you make a buying decision for their clothing gift.  

Keep The Receipt 

Lastly, one of the most important things to do is to ask the store how returns work, and if they do take things back, keep the receipt. That way, if something doesn’t fit, you can be sure your recipient can exchange it. If the return policy is strict and you aren’t sure if the gift will fit or if the person will like it, buy a gift card from a store you know they shop at. It might seem less caring, but it’s a better idea.

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