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Doing Things a Little Differently on Your Wedding Day *


Weddings are full of tradition- and depending on your personality and tastes, you will consider this as being either a good or a bad thing. Maybe you cant wait to embrace the traditions that your parents, grandparents and great grandparents before you partook in. Or perhaps the whole idea makes you say ‘yuck!’ and for your big day, you’re keen to do things a little differently. The truth is, weddings are so customisable- it’s totally possible to pick and choose whatever traditions you enjoy and leave others out. You can go down the full traditional route or you can go about things in your own way its up to you! As long as you follow the procedure to make sure your wedding is legal, the rest you can have fun with.

If you do want to do things differently, here are a few ways to go about it.


Wedding dresses are of course traditionally big white ballgowns, but you can choose to wear whatever you like. You could go with an unusual style, a bright colour, you could choose a black dress or you could wear something simple that you already have in your wardrobe. If you’re a woman who doesnt enjoy wearing dresses you could wear a suit- it’s completely your choice. Don’t confine yourself to shopping at just bridal boutiques, check out evening dresses, prom dress shops, even just highstreet shops to find something that’s just right for you.


Don’t like the idea of a big tiered wedding cake? How about a tower of profiteroles, cupcakes, brownies or donuts? Maybe you could go with wheels of cheese for a savoury alternative, or skip out on the cake altogether? If you want to do a twist on tradition, perhaps you could go with a tiered cake but in an unusual design, or go with less commonly used flavours. Find yourself a good baker and they can bring just about any idea to life!


Wedding bands are typically fairly plain in design and made out of a metal like silver or gold. But again, the choice is yours- you could go with an unusual material or have a bespoke design created. Mens wedding rings especially tend to be quite boring so having something created especially for you means you can bring some personality and quirk to the style. You could even choose to skip out on the ring swapping tradition entirely and do something else instead. 


Feeding your guests can be really expensive, and many people might end up with a meal that they don’t even like that much where the options are limited. So instead, go with what works for you. Buffets can be a fantastic option as they give a wider variety of food, you could even ask guests to bring a dish to contribute to the buffet table instead of a traditional wedding gift. 

What sort of things will you be doing differently at your wedding? 

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